MAG is the world leader for magnet wire machines. For more than 70 years, longer than any other competitor, the company has produced the world‘s highest quality machines for highest quality magnet wire. Some of the leading enamel wire customers even insist that the wire they buy was produced on MAG machines.

With its own R&D department that cooperates with Universities and leading specialist companies MAG develops its own technologies. 

Like MAG‘s Mozart Zero horizontal enameling machines with an oven that runs on zero energy – saving up to 55% of a machine‘s total energy costs. Or MAG‘s latest break through: the first technology that allows the production of highest quality aluminum wire.

It is these steps beyond the ordinary that made MAG the world leader in innovation.

MAG systems are, of course, quality made in Austria. Manufactured, assembled and tested at our facilities and sub-suppliers in our headquarters in Deutschlandsberg, Austria.