Research & Development

R&D – The basis of success

MAG has always attached great importance to research and development and has done so ever since it was first established. Ground-breaking new developments are initiated by the company in cooperation with experts from universities and other cooperation partners. MAG, the world market leader, continues to set revolutionary standards in the enamelled wire industry thanks to its commitment and innovative spirit. In order to provide R&D with the space they need, MAG has established an appropriate test area equipped with a permanent test bed for internal developments, testing purposes and trainings or customer presentations, such as at the MAG Symposium or the company exhibition.


Cooperations with universities:

MAG and the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (ISW) of Graz University of Technology (TUG) established a close cooperation in 2004 supported by the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The ISW in general has great know-how in numerical simulation of flow behaviour and heat and mass transfer of fluids in technical systems. By means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) the flow conduction inside the oven system may be optimized in a very efficient and systematic way in order to enhance the transport rates between the air/wire interfaces. In the cooperation, a very flexible test machine was constructed in order to validate theoretical and numerical results. The test machine features a large number of measuring points, monitoring fluid and wall temperatures and static and dynamic pressures, which allows for mass flow calculations and energy balances. The priority objectives of the projects carried out are

  • the enhancement of productivity,
  • the reduction of energy consumption,
  • the fully automatic control of the systems,
  • the realization of consistent quality,
  • the minimisation of  scrap rates,
  • the easy handling of the machines and
  • operational reliability.

A further cooperation was established together with the Materials Center Leoben (MCL). The focused expertise of MCL is in materials engineering, process engineering and service behaviour providing a sound basis for development work in the fields of material development, materials selection & deployment, process & product optimization.