Discover Zero

The Machine

In the meantime, MOZART ZERO is proved to be the most efficient High-Tech magnet wire single line machine in the world market based on a certain energy-saving concept and on fully automatic process control. MOZART ZERO provides the highest output and lowest energy demand per line. MOZART ZERO is suitable for copper as well as for aluminum production and the full range of enamel types conventionally used in magnet wire industry.


The Background

During the last years, the costs of electric energy have grown worldwide dramatically – and there is no end in sight. Therefore, the energy consumption of the magnet wire machines becomes more and more important with respect to the production costs to be borne by the magnet wire producers. One of the hugest energy costs are the costs for electric air heating. Usually, during production, electric heating is only requested, whenever the total heat loss exceeds the amount of thermal energy released through the solvent conversion. With the MOZART ZERO technology, the initial ovens’ heat losses could be reduced significantly leading to a stable curing temperature level governed by the thermal energy from the solvent combustion in the oven’s catalyst. With MOZART ZERO the specific energy demand given in kWh per kg enamelled wire can finally be dropped down more than half. 


The Concept

The MOZART ZERO concept is mainly based on a tremendous reduction of the energy losses of the machine, realized by following measures:

Heat transfer enhancement between the wire/air interface by improved flow conduction leads to higher productivity and lower energy demand.

Reduction of oven wall heat loss due to improved insulation efficiency decreasing the heat transmission across the oven walls.

Decoupling of thermal bridges of the oven frame to reduce the heat loss from the core zone by thermal conduction.

Prevention of wire heat loss by means of thermal insulation of contact zones between the wire and the free airspace.

Recovery of exhaust energy into the oven system via highly efficient heat transfer units.

Regulation of wire temperature based on fully-automatic cooling avoids unnecessary wire heat losses under controlled conditions and ensures energy efficiency, quality assurance and process reliability independent from ambient conditions.

Fully automatic process control enables the most efficient magnet wire production only at a push of a button giving you full control of all crucial process parameters.