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Horizontal Machines (round wire)

Simple user guidance:

  • Integration of recipe management in the fully automatic operating processes
  • Guarantee of perfectly controlled operation as a result
  • Uniform user interface for all types of machines in currently 38 languages

High-performing drawing machine with high load bearing capacity:

  • High-pressure spraying with spot-on precision
  • Long service life of the wire-drawing dies – High wire surface quality
  • Optional double-nozzle
  • cleaning device for flitter elimination after last drawing die

Automatically controlled pneumatic dancer:

  • Fully automatic wire tension control at drawing machine and take up
  • Optimal wire tension for all metal types and all diameters used at arbitrary wire speed and whole range of acting forces

Drawn wire cleaning system:                

  • Efficient removal of flitter and liquid drawing emulsion from bare wire surface by means of hot water rinse and Scotch-Brite
  • Optional smooth wire cleaning via hot water nozzles without mechanical contact (e.g. Aluminum wires)

Electrically heated temperature-controlled annealing tube system:

  • Most uniform heat input over the complete annealing distance
  • Highly-efficient heat transfer rates for optimum elongation and spring-back results
  • Wet steam inert gas atmosphere against corrosion and for cleaning of adherent drawing agents

Mass-flow-controlled annealed wire water cooling system:

  • Highly efficient cooling of annealed bare wire against oxidation at all diameters and speeds
  • Air-based blow-off nozzles for complete drying of bare wire

Pressure/flow-controlled enamel supply system:

  • Constant enamel feeding to the applicator
  • Fulfillment of the explosion protection requirements
  • Regulable enamel temperature via heating and cooling units

Modular enamel application system:

  • Made of corrosion- and solvent-resistant stainless steel
  • Safe application by means of permanent enamel supply for all enamel types used
  • No enamel valves needed

Permanent single-line operation:

  • Increased efficiency of operators
  • High speed production at controlled quality
  • No influence of neighbouring lines

Inline wire temperature measurement device:

  • Non-contact principle against wire damage
  • Accurate wire temperature at enamel applicator at high scanning rates
  • Fully automated wire temperature regulation via coupling with wire cooling system

Highly productive and energy efficient oven system:

  • Highest heat transfer rates between the process air and the coated wire based on optimized flow conduction
  • Lowest heat losses due to highest insulating efficiency, exhaust heat recovery and efficient wire cooling  

Steam generating heat exchanger in the exhaust air pipe:

  • Wet steam supply for annealing system
  • Energy saving because of the usage of the exhaust air energy
  • No need for external, electrically operated generator
  • Free access for maintenance and repair

Fully automatic wire cooling system:

  • Wire temperature control by means of wire temperature measurement and fan speed regulation independent of ambient conditions
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Quality assurance
  • Process reliability
  • Emission control at applicator

Air-cooled support wheel subsequent to oven exit:

  • Wheel position in free air space against overheating
  • Suction-cooling against excess temperature and deposits on wheel surface
  • Free view and access to the support wheel
  • Optional double-wheel design for inline maintenance

Double spooler providing unique winding technology:

  • Faultless winding of wire for all types of spools
  • Automatic, reel change-over device
  • Time-saving spool switch enabled by spool support without spindle                      

Laser measuring device:

  • Optical measurement based on non-contact principle
  • Accurate control of uniform coating thickness and wire diameter during production
  • Multi-axis measurement mode

High voltage continuity tester:

  • Gapeless and reliable detection of insulation faults independent of production speed
  • Independent free selection of the test voltage and threshold fault current
  • Graphical or numerical data export

Lubricant application device MELTLUB:

  • Application of solvent-free wax melt
  • Compliance with international environmental directives by way of a trend-setting technology
  • Regulable lubricant mass flow rate at fully automatic temperature control

After-burning catalyst in the exhaust air pipe: 

  • Elimination of VOC and CO by oxidation
  • Reduction rates of more than 97%
  • Compact and small module
  • Fast exchange
  • Independent of process specification

Exhaust air cleaning system in the exhaust air pipe:

  • Elimination of NOx by chemical reduction
  • Elimination of VOC and CO by oxidation
  • Reduction rates of more than 95%
  • Compact module
  • Free access for maintenance and repair
  • Fully automatic control through the machine’s PLC
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