At MAG we are always looking for the best ways to support our customers. Be it the development of the world‘s best machines and most innovative technologies or the world class trainings and maintenance programs we provide. But one of our truly unique services are the MAG symposiums.

Usually held at in Deutschlandsberg, Austria, during the last days of the WIRE Düsseldorf this event not only provides deep insights into the latest developments of MAG.

Seminars and keynotes from esteemed researches and engineers from MAG and our partners at the Graz University of Technology offer priceless knowledge and know-how on the very latest innovations. Highly respected speakers from other leading companies in the field provide an outlook into where the industry is heading and what developments will effect it in the near future.

It also offers a chance to see and experience the latest MAG innovations in full production. See the newest machines in action and convince yourself with you own eyes of what MAG products can do for your business.

And last but not least it is unique chance to meet up and network with industry peers and profit from sharing know-how.

If you are interested in our symposiums you can pre-register here.

If you are interested in the keynotes from the last symposiums please send a message to and we will happily send you the presentations.