Enameled Wire Makes the World Go Round

Enameled wire is an essential part of any electronic device. By building the enameled wire producing machines, MAG doesn’t just play a fundamental role in current technologies, we also enable the technologies of the future.

Smaller, faster, better. Modern devices and the tech they use improve on a daily basis, and all of that is possible thanks to the insulating properties of enameled wire. Without them, our current technologies and the world we live in today wouldn’t be possible. More importantly, however, the visionary technologies of tomorrow wouldn’t be possible without enameled wire either. And because we care about the environment, we ceaselessly work on improving our machines and making them greener.


The enameled wire produced in MAG machines is an essential part of electric motors and is used by car manufacturers all over the world.

Renewable Energy

Enameled wire also plays a key role in the generation of renewable energy. Considering that this sector is all about sustainability as well as the fact that our machines consume far less energy than those of our competitors, MAG and our machines fit in well here.

Mobile Computing

Mobile devices are among the fastest changing technologies in the world – they don’t stop getting smaller and more powerful. The fine wire used to make this possible is often coated in MAG machines.

From your smartphone to the electric window lifts of your car: even if most people aren’t aware of it, enameled wire is all around us. And without MAG, none of the technologies we rely on so heavily would be possible.

Wire without coating isn’t insulated, which means it can’t be used in any electric appliance. The product that’s created in our machines is essential for almost every aspect of life as we know it.
We are proud to be part of such an important industry, but we are also aware that as a market-leading company, we have a responsibility: we can’t rest on our laurels, we have an obligation to improve our machines, optimize them, and make them even more sustainable.