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Mozart V9 Single

  • Mozart V9 SINGLE / 1-1 / 14D

  • Mozart V9 SINGLE / 2-2 / 14D

For heavy round and rectangular wire. The vertical Mozart V9 enamelling machine is the latest progressive standard of a perfect solution for the production of prime-, base and over-coated heavy round or rectangular wires with single line and dual line system. It works with up to five different enamels with equal baking conditions. The Mozart V9 concept gives a high reliability, which speaks for efficiency, flexibility and perfect quality. The machine is available with up to 4 ovens in a common base frame.

Mozart V9 Single

MAG Vertical Machines

Metal type
Copper and Aluminum

Dimension Range Copper
2–5.2 mm / awg 12–4; 3–80 mm2

Dimension Range Aluminum
2–5.2 mm / awg 12–4; 3–80 mm2


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