MAG Offers Far More Than Great Machines

We care about our customers. And that’s why we offer more than just great machines. MAG also supports you with training sessions, your own R&D projects, or contract testing.


Training Sessions

We offer a range of training sessions tailored to our customers’ needs: if you want to introduce new employees to the world of enameled wire or find out more about our machines, we’re happy to help!

Machine Optimization

Sometimes, all you have to do is adjust a few parameters on your machine in order to increase efficiency. But which parameters should you change? We have decades of experience with optimizing machines and processes, so we know exactly which changes have the strongest impact and will be of the highest value for you. Let our expertise make your life simpler.

R&D Projects

Ever since MAG was founded in 1948, Research and Development has been an elementary part of who we are. We run our very own technical center and have a long history of working with the Graz University of Technology – so we really know what to watch out for when planning an R&D project. If you want to profit from our knowledge and experience, please get in touch.

Contract Testing

How can you optimize your production processes, if you don’t test them? Since we here at MAG constantly work on improving our machines and the way they work, we own a broad range of testing equipment to measure and asses performance. If you would like to enhance your own processes, we’re happy to conduct the necessary tests on our equipment according to your parameters.

Our Testing Equipment

Lab Analysis

Measuring Systems Laboratory Analytics

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to measure lubricant application

In-Line Measuring Systems

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HFZ Speedmaster
to measure high voltage errors
Laser System
to measure wire dimensions
Promass I
to measure the viscosity of coating agents
No machines found.

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