6 good reasons to choose for a MAG honeycomb catalyst

As a technology leader of enameled wire machines, we are constantly striving to improve our machines. For example, our new machines from year of manufacture 2019 have been equipped as standard with a honeycomb catalyst developed by MAG for the recirculation and after burning catalysts.

All our existing machines can be easily retrofitted with MAG´s new catalyst system.

A change/switch to a MAG Honeycomb recirculation catalysts makes a lot of sense: why it makes sense to switch to a MAG honeycomb recirculating catalyst make sense:

  • Minimal washing/cleaning due to non-blocked laminar tube air flow No more time-consuming cleaning process required.
  • Low energy consumption of the oven
  • Higher plant efficiency
  • work even at lowest oven temperatures and highest solvent loadings
  • Stable baking zone temperatures
  • Lower pollutant levels in the oven exhaust

Why a change to a MAG honeycomb post-combustion catalyst makes sense:

  • No more time-consuming cleaning process required
  • Additionally reduced pollutant values in the oven exhaust

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