New HPW plant in Garsten, Austria relies on technology from MAG

Following a major order for the production of electromobility wires in December 2021, HPW Wires, headquartered in Linz, Austria, has once again opted for MAG technology.
The new HPW plant in Garsten, Austria with focus on flat wire production for electromobility will start production in 2024 exclusively with MAG technology. The order includes 12 lines of MAG Mozart V8 with patented green technology MAG Zero NOx. As an environmentally conscious company, we are very pleased that all lines will be equipped with MAG’s patented SCR Zero NOx technology, which will reduce NOx emissions by 98%.
In addition to the green technology, the outstanding performance data of MAG Mozart V8 were once again the decisive criterion for this order. High production speed and low energy consumption of the MAG Mozart V8 machine set the standard within the enameled wire industry.

We are looking forward to another successful cooperation.